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india_sport's Journal

India Sport
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A community for cricket lovers and sportsmen to share their love of watching and playing cricket.
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Our media partners will post their questions or articles for review in this community. The goal is to discuss global events from your perspective, so we hope you will express your views, opinions, or ideas as comments or conversation.

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It is a good wager that Indian sport has caused you to experience myriad emotions. Delight when an Indian Cricket team has defied odds to make a mark at the international stage. Yes, it is a good bet that your heart and mind have been on roller-coaster ride when tracking cricket. We are sure you have ideas that you believe can help contribute to make the country a more sports conscious nation. Make India Sport your home, a vibrant community which cares for Indian cricket. Come share and experience cricket in all its dimensions.

India Sport, as described above is a community all about cricket and all other sport to give you a complete and holistic forum to read and discuss all dimensions of sport, this community is being run in partnership with NDTV. Anything posted in the site will be re-published on the NDTV site.

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